About us

I’m a follower of Jesus and servant of his Kingdom.

Originally from Brazil, I’m currently serving in Canada at Youth Farm Bible Camp and Hague Mennonite Church. I’m married to Susan for 9 years, we have 2 boys, Lukas and baby Daniel.

My heart beats to see revival spreading to the nations. For the last years the Lord has shared His heart with me through dreams and prophetic words. I have mentored young musicians in the areas of prophetic worship and prayer.

Aware in cooperating with the Kingdom of God, in connecting, and uniting people, we initiated the Worship Writers Company with a single thought:

Like the psalmists who were an accomplished writers and composer, the Worship Writers seek to bring words of comfort, edification, gratitude, wisdom, guidance, encouragement, and much more.

To be a worship writer is to live with the heart overflowing with good words and to recite your verses in honor of the King, to have a tongue like the pen of a wise writer (Psalm 45: 1) and use it to reach those who need help and support.

Our desire is to awake a culture of revealed knowledge of the Scriptures and bring daily writings that reflect the reality of the heavens on earth.

We still don’t have a translated website.  You will find some of the articles here in Portuguese, other in English and even in French or bi-lingual. As we have various writers and some messages are specific to a local we’ll keep it this way for now. Sorry for any inconvenient while you navigate on our website. May the Lord bless you!

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  1. Robin Langdon says:

    Thanks for sharing your prophetic word has confirmed the prophesy I had (Harvest in winter)For all believers in Christ:
    The time of the great harvest & breakthrough is upon us! We will start harvesting in winter! The long wait is over! There will be no more delay!Many seeds were sown in great sorrow & watered with many tears! Yet they will reap with greater joy! Even as the slaves would sing as they harvested so shall you sing songs of everlasting joy and gladness! See even now the complete gifts of the Holy Spirit are being made available to you! There is no need for fear and every reason for rejoicing for the Bridegroom is on his way! A great shaking has come upon you! Wake up! Oh, wake up beloved! or will I find you still sleeping when I come!

    1. Worship Writers says:

      Thanks for sharing this word too, Robin! May the Lord continue to speak through you. We want to be awake and ready when our Lord comes. When writing this I saw an engine and their gears. It has come together right now. It was falling into place. I don’t know if it makes sense to you but I pray to the Lord come over you bringing together things or situation that needs falling into place so you can flow and go further. Blessings!

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