North Wind

Some years ago I started to dream with different nations. These dreams always have been meaning and profound. Some of these dreams I still don’t understand but some are really clear and vivid. I do believe the Lord still speaks in dreams and vision. Of course, His word is His ultimate revelation. No doubts about that but for sure He is still speaking with His children.

I will share a dream and thoughts that happened almost 10 years ago and it was partly because of this dream that this blog came through. I had forgotten it but a few weeks ago it came strongly to my heart reminding me a lot of things.

The year – 2009.

I was living in Brazil and at that time I was passionate about the German nation and I had finished my German classes. (I never used German after). Also, I had finished a year before my Bible College Program.

I was eager to serve the Lord.

I was a worship leader in the local church and in that period some interesting thing was happening. After leading worship, some people started to come to me saying that while I was leading they were seeing the walls changing the colors and it seemed like the colors matching with the songs I was singing. It was all really strange to me and I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t understand what was going on yet.

In that same year, I was invited to leading worship in a Mission Conference. I was super excited. I got my official Germany flag and I was ready to pray and intercede for that nation.

So I had the dream:

“I saw myself in a place worshiping the Lord with some people. While we were singing I saw something like a smoke coming up by the head of the people. That smoke was deep and vivid coloring and each person released a different color. It was awesomelyruvim-noga-711147-unsplash beautiful. All the smoke was going up and the most part staying above us. A part of that smoke was going outside and it was like a river flowing through the streets and when the smoke touched people and places everything was changing to a brilliant silver color.

auroraThe among of the smoke was increasing and also the unimaginable amount of colors. At some point, it looked like there is no more roof in the building where we were. The smoke was going higher and higher and now it looked like an aurora boreal. It was a spectacle of colors. At this point, more colors were coming from many parts in Brazil. Everything then was going further of the borders of the country when a wind began. The aurora boreal had been blown by a mighty wind. It was difficult to explain what was each part but everything was perfectly adjusted one to each other.


So suddenly another mighty wind came from another region. It came from the North. They were opposites but not fighting against each other. That wind, when reached us, revealed a white flag with a horizontal blue cross. Then started a strong rain.

And I heard a voice saying:

Keep paying attention to what I will do.

The dream got me confused. I was praying for a specific nation and then was the Lord revealing a different one? Yeah, he was showing me where was His heart at that moment.

Quickly with some research, I figured out that the flag was from Finland. I never had been there and actually, I never had until today. After the dream, I tried to learn the Finnish language. Frustratingly. Nothing changed since then. Not that I know. From times to times, I still try to find any information about Finland and often I got me praying for a revival there.

This week meditating in this dream I felt the Lord speaking with me and I know some people have already said that.

When we pray and worship our prayers and worship ascend to the heavenly places like incense (Revelation 8:4). When we are doing that together as Church we are able to touch and release the Lord’s Kingdom. The Kingdom of Redemption – The Kingdom of Silver.

The colors speak about the individuality of each person. In the Lord, I have something that you don’t and You have something that I don’t. We need to join it and release it.

We still don’t have an idea of how powerful it is the corporate worship. We literally can move the heavens. We can release redemption to entire nations and see God’s power working through us.

The nations involved in the dream was Brazil and Finland and I believe the Lord was showing the mighty wind through worship that comes from each one. There is a south wind coming from Brazil to nations and also there is a north wind coming from Finland to nations.

From time to time they meet and bring a strong storm. A sign of the power of the Lord.

Let it blows the South Wind! Let it blows the North Wind!

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    1. Escritores da Adoração says:

      Estamos aqui para servir. May the Lord come with His presence over you. Blessings

  1. Chad Doell says:


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