Power Source

Last night I had a dream. I saw the Saskatchewan map and along the map many marked spots. I was flying above the map and I could not see what were those spots.

So I started to pray and then it was like the map came close to my eyes and I saw in one of those marked spots something like a tower with a power source and a bulb lamp on top.

The power source didn’t have power and the lamp was off. So the map was distant from my eyes again and I saw all these spots again from the air but now I saw some of these spots in the provinces around Saskatchewan too.

The map came close again and I saw people around those towers, they were praying, worshiping and crying out to the Lord and at some point, the power source turned but  instead to have a bulb lamp there was a strong flame of fire. I saw the strong fire and immediately I saw wires in the ground. The wire was also shining and it was energized.

The map was distant from my eyes again and I saw it was happening in all towers and I saw a connection of wires everywhere in the province.

All the connections were going toward North Battleford. And I saw that the power source in North Battleford was getting over-energized but the fire was not on there. So I looked and inside of power box had a measure and it was almost in its maximum according to the power was coming from another cities and towers.  When it got at the maximum all fire lamps along the province turned off. There was no more energy in the province.

The people around the towers was questioning what was going on and some people were complaining and stopping to pray.

What happened after I don’t know exactly how to explain. I’m not sure if it was an explosion or a big storm with thunder and tornadoes I know for sure that it was an overload of energy in North Battleford and then the power was going back so strong for the other places, not just in Saskatchewan but in all Canada that the power sources and the fire lamps exploded in pieces and the wires were burning in the ground. I could see fire paths for all the Canada and there was no more tower,  lamps or wires just a huge, huge flame of fire burning and shining all around.


I know the Lord is about to do something huge in the Canada, this doesn’t talk about one or another person, this is not about one ministry or another. It is not about something that we can build with our hands or do to with our abilities. The Spirit of the Lord is moving.

I know there are many men and women working hard along the years for a revival from God in this land and I know God is listening to them.

I’m not a Canadian, but God led me with my family here at this moment to be part of what He is doing right now. My heart is full of expectation about what He will do. My heart is desiring to serve Him now.

God is calling His servants, His children, His friends to release His Kingdom right now in this nation. Be part of God’s plan.

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