Doing Something Worthwhile.

I am like those people that need something new or a big idea everyday. Sometimes it is very good because I can to see a great open window that most of those around me can’t see but sometimes is very hard because I don’t get to keep me focused. My mind turn around several times seeking and seeking to find that special thing — what is worthwhile!

Do something worthwhile is the kind of thing that is so important today when we see most of the people doing banal and worthless things. And I’m speaking about daily activities like work or play games with friends or watch a movie, do sports or things like that, but I speak about something deeper. Something that talks about what we are.

What we are it is really interesting today. When we are introduced to a new person we don’t ask him what he is, but what he does and we think that is what that person is. We say: my new friend is doctor or lawyer or teacher.

But no! All works like this are important but there is something more worthwhile. There is something about our destiny in this world. There is something about what we are and this can change the way like we live. I don’t know what you think about it! I just want to discover something different in this world, maybe a divine purpose in our common life.

It makes no sense to live without something worthwhile! Think about!

Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that! Richard Sparks

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